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Supercharge your productivity with the power of health & fitness!

Supercharge your productivity with the power of health & fitness – with Tayna N Fitness





I love a good old “to do” list.. lists run my life and I bet they run yours too?
They make you feel in control, organised & productive every time you get to cross something
But one major thing that affects just how many things you can cross off a list in a day is..
How much energy you have.

And your energy is mainly affected by:

– The quality of your diet
– If you’re eating enough to fuel your body
– How active you are
– Your sleep
– Your stress levels
– How much water you drink
How many of those departments need improving in your life?
Imagine how much more energy you would have & how much more you would get done in a day if you just improved ONE of those factors.

For your own benefit & success in your career.. I challenge you to make one of the following tweaks this week:


> Make sure 70-80% of your food comes from nutritious, unprocessed sources





> Drink a minimum of 2L of water a day




> Schedule 3-5 workouts into your busy weekly schedule



>> Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night
Now you MUST take action.. reading this & doing nothing is not going to change your life.
Send this blog post to a friend or colleague, get someone involved & taking action with you.. make it happen!
Just imagine the praise & appreciation you will get for stepping up your productivity & quality of work 😉
P.S. If you loved these tips you can grab a copy of my free e-book “11 health & fitness secrets of strong, confident women” here.
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