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Miss Jones Gifts

If it's a gift you are after, we have now launched a fantastic new Gifting section where you can now buy a gift directly here for any type of occasion!

Luxury Personal Shopping Day

The Experience

Lynne Meek of Styling Matters is an experienced personal stylist, wardrobe editor and image consultant based in Kent.

A Styling Matters’ Luxury Personal Shopping Day is a unique, one of ...

Style Makeover Package

Take our complete style makeover package and create a brand new image of yourself today.

This style makeover package has been made for you if you need a complete style review:A body styling, colour styling, wardrobe s ...

Heaven Scent £65¨¨

Parkminster Candle¨

Handmade Thyme & Mint candle from Parkminster, creatively presented in a recycled green wine bottle base with 60 hours burn time¨¨¨

This Works Dream Team Duo

Relax & Indulge £96¨¨

Elderflower Liqueur¨

A 20cl bottle of award-winning Elderflower Liqueur, handmade in Hertfordshire by Chase Distilleries

¨¨¨Kenneth Turner Room Diffuser

¨Kenn ...

Everything Else Can Wait £69

¨¨True Grace Blackcurrant Leaves Candle¨

Handmade in England from 100% natural wax and boasting more than 40 hours burn time, this sweet blackcurrant fragrance carries layers of green cassis, spices, moss and rose¨ ...

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