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Ringo Starr from Rocker to Writer: Starr has Written a Children’s Book Based on Beatles Hit ‘Octopus’s Garden’

Posted on: June 11, 2013

Who would have thought it?  Ringo Starr has written a children’s book.

It was revealed today that Starr has signed a deal with the publishing giant Simon & Schuster.  The book is based on the Beatles hit song – Octopus’s Garden.  The song was written 45 years ago but the musician had an urge to write a book about it.  


As well as the book, a CD that can play the children’s story and a previously unheard song from Starr will also be available.  Ingrid Selberg who has acquired the world rights for the book on behalf of Simon & Schuster said: 'This is beautiful and funny book that children, parents and grandparents will love sharing.'   Ben Cort has created the books illustrations.  The book will be published in the UK on October 24. 

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