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The Real Life ‘UP’ A Man Plans to Fly Across The Atlantic in a Vessel Carried By Helium Balloons

Posted on: July 4, 2013

The real life version of the Pixar film 'Up' is soon to take place. 

 Balloonist Jonathon Trappe, plans to fly across the Atlantic from Maine, in the United States, to Paris.  The journey would cover 2,500 miles and would be powered by 370 helium-filled cluster balloons.  The amount of helium that is being used is enough to fill 400,000 party balloons.  Trappe spoke to the Metro, "I'll be replying on a massive weather system of winds and pressure and need something strong enough to carry me all the way to Europe."   


Five people have died in the past trying to cross the Atlantic in hot air balloons, or single gas balloons.  "I'm just as afraid of dying as anyone," Trappe said.  Trappe is the only person to have ever crossed the English Channel by cluster balloon and the alps with the same transport. 

The trip is expected to take between three and seven days. 

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