15% off Wellness Kits with VictoryInWellness

Make 2020 be the decade about celebrating relationships. We want to celebrate you! VictoryInWellness is a brand celebrating the creativity in you through simple, fun and affordable self-help kits which enable you to relax and unwind effortlessly. For a limited time, MissJonesPA members get 15%*  with code WELLWITHME off any VictoryInWellness product: https://www.nlanlavictory.com/ourshop/cat_1484809-VICTORY-IN-WELLNESS.html
*Minimum Spend £10. Offer on until 31/03/2020. Looking for a selection of fun, elegant and sustainable self-care ideas for your organisation? VictoryInWellness also has a special selection of corporate / wholesale kits – please email info@nlanlaVictory.com

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