Duck & Dry’s Sulphate Free Shampoo is the latest launch of a six part product series of a fuss-free carefully curated range of blow dry essentials enabling the UK to master the professional Duck & Dry blow dry from the comfort of their home.







Increasinly sulphate in beuaty has been put in the same catagory as sugar in nutirtion, and dubbed the dreaded “S” word (move over Voldermort)   there is a move to replace these and other sulphate-containing surfactants with sulphate-free alternatives.







Yulia Rorstrom, Founder of Duck & Dry and Creator of new “Up, Up & Away” Sulphate Free Product Line knows everything about the Benefits of sulphate free shampoo has given us the how to guide on sulphate free products so we can use these products at their best!



  • Maintains healthy hair by preventing its breakage:


Sulphate is a detergent that can reduce the quality of the strands when it enters hair follicles. As a result, hair becomes brittle and prone to breakage, reducing the overall volume.


  • Retains hair colour in dyed hair for a longer period of time:


If you love to colour your hair, you will love sulphate free shampoos! Their mild formulas help to retain the hair dye. Sulphate is the key chemical that causes hair dye to fade!


  • Reduces frizz and creates a smoother finish


Shampoos that contain sulphate can strip away hair’s natural oils. Reduced natural oils have a tendency to cause hairs to curve away from each other. If a substantial number of hair strands lack oil, your hair will become frizzy.

  • Reduces the chance of irritation and inflammation of the scalp


 If you are currently experiencing itchy and inflamed scalp, chances are your skin is sensitive to sulphate!

Tips on how to use sulphate free shampoo

  • Thoroughly wet your hair before applying sulfate-free shampoo


If your hair isn’t completely soaked, it’s hard to apply the product and distribute it through your hair

  • Use less product than you think!


 Most people expect shampoo to lather and when sulfate-free shampoo doesn’t, they apply more product. Although it won’t foam up as much, it’s still working to clean your hair!

  • Apply more water, instead of more product


If you’re struggling to get any lather to wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo, apply more water instead of more product. The water will help activate the shampoo and spread it through your hair.

  • Shampoo twice


Without the foaming action, it can be more difficult to remove the dirt and oil from your hair. The second shampoo will really lift any dirt! Plus you’ll find the second shampoo lathers up more easily.

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly


Make sure to really rinse your hair. Any residue from the sulfate-free shampoo will make your hair feel weighty.

Duck & Dry’s Up, Up & Away Shampoo RRP’s at £14 –

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