No matter how much we love being pampered at a beauty salon, we can’t do it often, as life gets too hectic and budgets need to be spent wisely. Therefore, we started looking for good ways  Arcaya Actives has recently launched 6 at-home ampoules which we’ve managed to get our hands on.

If like us you do not have the time or resources to step into a salon for a beauty treatment we have found a great way to enjoy an at-home spost-facial skin with Arcaya Actives 6 new home formulas that contain skincare ingredients in their purest form and maximum possible concentration and are formulated without parabens or mineral oils.



The ampoules came in a set of 10 with advice to be used ten days for an ampoule a day. We’ve decided to try them out directly on the skin although they can be used with an at-home device as well, should you have one. We recommend to use these with your favourite scented candle burning and a nice herbal tea, to get the full spa effect.


Dull Skin


As the lack of sunlight and harsh weather this winter caused our skin to be quite dry we started with the Oxygen Active ampoules. These increase supply of oxygen to the skin promoting cell renewal and providing continuous hydration. After massaging the contents onto the face we noticed just how fresh and hydrated our skin felt. It had a nice subtle healthy glow and felt more hydrating than the usual moisturizer.



Fine Lines


Collagen + contains a unique form of soluble collagen that instantly blurs wrinkles, refines the look of pores and softens and smooths the skin. Upon applying we found that our fine lines are less noticeable and applying makeup is easier as they not only show up less, but the makeup didn’t settle into the lines as it usually does.


Sagging Skin


Caviar Active contains fish stem cells as they are known for their incredible rejuvenating properties. After applying it left the skin tighter and the texture much softer.








Aging skin


As we get older we do show signs of puffiness and unfortunately we do not get enough sleep on most days meaning our dark circles are very visible, even through layers of concealer. So hoping for the best, we tried Eye Repair which contains powerful peptides, hydrators and antioxidants to ease crow’s feet,

dark circles and signs of puffiness. The effects were so good we hardly had a need for concealer at all!


To match the overall perfection that ensued, we decided to take proper care of our lips as well by massaging them with Volume Lips Active. The lips look fuller and better cared for immediately and small lines around the edges are less noticeable. After the fluid has been absorbed we applied our favourite liquid lipstick which finally didn’t feel drying on the lips and was even easier to apply on the edges where we always struggle so in conclusion, we at least saved about a dozen makeup wipes.






Pigmented Skin


In case you are like us and are unused to sunshine, and would like to avoid the red glow, prepare for your next vacation or spring with the Vitamin C ampoules that increase hydration that protect against free radical damage whilst promoting cell renewal. Seeing as it’s winter the effects may be not as noticeable as they would be during the nicer seasons, we can definitely say that our skin did look flawless and finally the same colour. It makes you want to forgo makeup altogether.





In general, we believe that these ampoules give a nice at-home alternative to beauty salons, they are effective and make your skin feel like you just spent hours pampering yourself. So, whether you want to treat yourself or buy a nice gift, we would definitely recommend these. Our favourite by far was definitely the Oxygen active, but do tell us yours if you get your hands on one of these.


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