The Now of Bao 

As Londoners queue around the block in Soho, to taste Bao from a menu dedicated entirely to the latest portable mono product, where other Chinese restaurants continue to offer this noble lynchpin pride of place surrounded by the rest of the dim sum repertoire.  
Park Chinois, Mayfair’s latest Chinese offering  does just this, delivering the freshest most flavoursome dim sum throughout lunch with aplomb.  Steamed parcels of freshly diced shrimp, fish and wagyu beef sit alongside steaming baked venison puffs and the flakiest pastry encasing duck rolls. 
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Chinese food has established itself within the heart of the Brits long ago with the first Chinese restaurant opening in London in 1907.  Since then we have gorged on chop suey, agonised over the authenticity of a spring roll and been spoilt for choice by the opening of more regional and specialist offerings. 
None more diverse and spoiling in choice than the dim sum offering.  Dim sum quite literally means ‘touch the heart’ .  These small parcels of exquisite fillings range hugely where even the pastry differs depending on regionality, origin and supply.   The specialist techniques and skillsmanship involved in creation are passed from generation to generation yet have flummoxed even the most accomplished of western chefs. 
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Chef Lee Liang originally from the Ritz Carlton Singapore, then pivotal as sous chef for Hakkasan London (as well as many of the international openings) has been responsible for the development of the dim sum menu at Park Chinois. 
Lee has continued to develop and grow his techniques again and again going from strength to strength.  His promise to the Park Chinois menu ; natural made food dyes, no MSG and the freshest reinterpreted dim sum classics of the finest quality are available within minutes. 
Lunch can be as quick or as gluttonous as you design your day to be.
Try it, Book for Lunch at Park Chinois –  touch your heart.
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