Kobo Aura One is perfect e-reader for busy people on the go. It’s light-weight and book-sized so it fits perfectly into your bag. It can also be the perfect accessory for anyone looking to read stories on the beach, while not having to carry a bunch of books. Especially since it’s new coating technology means the Kobo is waterproof for up to 60 minutes in up to 2 metres of water. We can’t wait to try this out on our unicorn floatie in the pool. For now, we just tried it in the bath. It was quite the relaxing experience.




The first thing we noticed is how the e-reader does not feel hurtful to the eyes. It is the world’s first eReader with e blue-light reducing front-lit display that mimics the suns natural light, so you can enjoy night-time reading with impacting on sleep.


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We connected to our local library and began reading straight away. We didn’t need to worry about charging since the battery seemed to last forever. Apparently, it can last up to one month. Perfect for anyone who forgets their charger when going on holiday.




Overall this device was quite the lovely way to treat ourselves. It is also perfect for any book-lover friend whose birthday is coming up soon.