Street XO








Take a turn off the glamorous Mayfair shopping streets, and discover Street XO housed downstairs in a large, dark, black, red and neon turbulent basement. Greeted by waiting staff wearing straitjackets and the hum of house music, prepare to experience Street XO!





The Vibes:




This food adventure by superstar chef David Muñoz creates Asian-fusion -tapas served from the extensive open kitchen. On our visit, the bar was also heaving with a Thursday after-work crowd, enjoying some of the weird and wonderful cocktails.







What we Ate:  




As served at the chefs peril, each dish is a complex yet unique reflection of the dream world of David Muñoz.



The Steamed club sandwich is packed with ricotta and topped with an oozing quail egg. An enjoyable take on the classic; attempt to eat it all in one bite!





“Le Pedroche” croquettes take traditional Korean street food Kimchi and combines with sheep milk for a croquette explosion, garnished with a sliver of fatty toro tuna, XO sauce and Lapsang Souchong tea.









The Galician octopus was excellent, served with traditional Mexican tomatillo and green apple mole with enoki “fake Chinese wok noodles”.





The second seafood dish pays homage to Andalusia and Bangkok’s beaches. Grilled squid with green papaya, sour & spicy hibiscus dressing, peanuts and fine herbs and lime pesto.








We would definitely recommend The Paris Style Chilli Crab. Chunks of sweet king crab, slithery ‘sherry spaghetti’, fried curry leaves, topped with softshell crab. Plated on a cloud of ‘butter-champagne emulsion’. What more could you want!








What We Drank: 




The inventive cocktail list at Street XO doesn’t fail to deliver punchy flavours in wacky vessels. Throwing caution to the wind and adding unique exotic twists to traditional tipples.








We Recommend:  




Pekinese dumplings slide onto the table on a large paper sheet. Decorated with smatterings of strawberry hoisin, the dumplings are matched with Crunchy pig’s ear, and pickles. Get your hands dirty and use the dumplings to mop up all the tangy yet sweet strawberry hoisin, leaving your paper sheet like a crime scene!








Our Thoughts:




Our high expectations were certainly met. Treat your clients to exciting sharing dishes that break the boundaries, and be wooed by the knowledgeable staff and interior to inspire. This is your one stop shop to really impress clients!




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