REVIEW: Hot Pot Wardour Street


Hot Pot- An Asian restaurant where you can gather together around the pot to celebrate the tradition of sharing, the tradition of Hot Pot.




Located in the heart of China Town on Wardour Street


The Vibes?

Cool, Dark and Modern…


Dinner can select from over 60 ingredients to cook in their broth. Serving
British free-range meat, sustainably sourced fish and shellfish with a mix of fresh, daily delivered Asian
and British vegetables. Perfect for the winter cold nights!



We ate?

For Starters we went for a standard duck pancakes and Dim Sum! These are two of my favourite things so had to get them!


We then got a Hot Pot half Green Curry broth and half Tom Yum!

For our meats we got prawns and beef and then got a selection of vegetables!

This was the perfect food for us as it was so cold outside and raining and we were about to go ice skating so needed that warm kick!



Our Thoughts?


Staff are so lovely and helpful! The broths have loads of flavour which is great! And such a big selection!  Great concept and will definitely be going back!





Find out more about Hot Pot Here