Hottest Team Building Activities 2018

Here’s our round up of the best team building activities for this year:

Escape Rooms

Fancy yourself the next Sherlock Holmes? How about the next Captain Jack Sparrow? Take the team into an immersive escape room, with only 60 minutes to break out, you’ll have to work together to solve puzzles and find clues along your way. You can find different themed rooms, from Fast and Furious car hijacking to zombie apocalypse, there’s something for every team.


Duck Herding

Escape the city and immerse the team in the great outdoors, challenging them to a spot of Duck Herding. Challenge your colleagues to guide the ducks through an obstacle course, you could even amp up the competition by seeing who can do it the fastest.

Learn how to control a well-trained border collie using four verbal commands: Come Bye (clockwise), Away (anticlockwise), Stand (stop) and Walk (walk forward)

Navigate energetic and eager to please runner ducks through tunnels, down slides and around obstacles in a closely knit group using your initiative and working border collies.


Cocktail Making

Ditch the Friday afternoon pub drinks for a masterclass in cocktail making. Learn the essential techniques, practice making the classics and then team up to create your own unique cocktail; points for originality are included! For those that don’t drink, mocktail substitutions are available, so no need for anyone to feel left out here.

If you fancy getting scientific, there are molecular cocktail classes available, which include the use of equipment such as an iSi cream whipper with N20 canisters, an Earl Grey mist creation, dry ice to produce an ice cream for a mixed drink and a calcium bath for direct spherification.


Black Cab Treasure Hunt

What better way to get a London based team working together, than an interactive event designed to test planning, delegation, communication, time and team management skills, all in a hugely fun environment!

Race around London on a frantic trail, all in the comfort of a traditional black cab, complete with an authentic cockney driver to help you on your way! Of course this includes all the elements of the Treasure hunt but with the added fun of dashing through the traffic on the busy streets!

A trail alone would be just too easy, so there are added various challenges for you and your team to complete in order to collect those all important winning points!


DItch the computer screens and ipads for the classic board game, with a twist! This giant outdoor version of the game immerses your team in the competitive environment of Monopoly. Divided into teams of giant irons, wheelbarrows, ships and boots, your group will have 90 minutes to not only dominate the board, but navigate through Mr. Monopoly’s eclectic mix of team building challenges, all of which are designed to empty your pockets of Monopoly change!

Dress up in the costumes provided for added fun, and use the giant props to navigate your team around the board.