Review: Hankies


London has more than its fair share of Indian street food haunts, but nothing quite like Hankies.

This brilliant new concept combines the fuss-free, fresh, light and aromatic small plates and incredible value for money that are synonymous with this type of cuisine, but does so in the stunning surroundings of the luxury Montcalm Hotel in Marble Arch.

Honing his skills in some of the best restaurants in India and London, Anirudh has launched Hankies Marble Arch with a personal mission in mind: making authentic and delicious Delhi street food accessible and enjoyable in a beautiful and curated London setting.

At the heart of Hankies is the roomali roti, a thin, wheat-based flatbread which is hand spun until thin enough to see through and then cooked on a burning hot tawa. The ultimate food theatre, these are then folded into ‘hankies’, which in turn accompany – or enclose – all the dishes on the menu, starters and mains alike. Order a few; there are no rules here. And with the most expensive dish on the menu just £9, and the majority around £4-6, Hankies encourages its diners to indulge.

Anirudh’s menu showcases relaxed north Indian cooking at its finest. Sure to become signature fare are small bites such as bhindi bhel – crispy rice puffs with okra, sweet chutney, onions and fresh coriander with a delicious sweet and sour “kick”.

Fresh from the tandoor oven come succulent skewers of prawns with chives and garlic; chilli lamb chops marinated in Kashmiri chillies, paprika and mustard and Hankies’ special naan – light as air and stuffed with vintage cheddar, cumin and shaved truffle, not only delicious, but boasting a truly remarkable price point – just £5.50.










The Vibes?

The restaurant itself is modern and comfortable with white and orange furnishings and comfy chairs. Out go the hard wooden benches and the chipped glasses to be replaced by gorgeous artefacts, glassware and china sourced from Indian markets and antique stores by chef and Hankies founder Anirudh Arora.



What We Ate & Drank?

Sharing Starters:

Bhatak Ki Khurchan- Crispy Duck- This was my favourite dish ! So much flavour!


Bhindi Bhel- Crispy Okra – Amazing! A bit like Aloo Chat- Loved this also

Sweet Potato Bomb- Their take on Aloo Chaat- Again loved it!


Lamb Chops- You can never go wrong!!!





Butter Chicken- This was amazing! One of the best I have had – we were quite full at this stage so we shared this.





Sea Bass-Can never gowrong!


We had some rice and raita to accompany it.


Our Thoughts?

Such reasonable prices- really affordable and really delicious! The food is fantastic! I could not fault it and have been raving about it since.

They also have a private dining room which is always a plus!!!

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