Review: Chinese Bacon Jam- Perfect for your Burgers!



London food chain Eat17 has extended its multi award-winning Bacon Jam range to include a new oriental addition.

The new Chinese Bacon Jam combines complex salty, sweet and aromatic tastes with scrumptious notes of Chinese 5 spice, soy sauce and sesame oil.

The meaty relish is an ideal accompaniment to summer BBQs, topped on toasted burger buns or as a dipping sauce.

It also complements many Asian inspired dishes and stocks, stews and sauces.

The original Bacon Jam spread was first launched by the London based dining and convenience store chain in 2012 and quickly proved a hit with food lovers as a delicious companion to bread, burgers, canapes and stews.

The range has since extended to include Chorizo Jam, Chilli & Bacon Jam and even Onion Jam, which
can be enjoyed by vegetarians.


After major retailers such Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury’s began selling the savoury jam, the relish
gained an army of fans and Eat17 launched the bestselling Bacon Jam Cookbook: It’s A Proper Pig-

It has since been hailed as a culinary innovation, winning praise from food critics such as
Masterchef’s John Torode who called it ‘salty and delicious’.

The creator of Bacon Jam and Eat17 co-founder Chris O’Connor says: “We always strive to listen,
take note and constantly evolve so that we can provide the best tasting quality food on the market.
“We’re here to give our customers the best, delicious food and that’s why we’ve simply listened to
what the UK loves about Bacon Jam and made an even better version.

“Blending traditional Asian flavours together with our best-selling Bacon Jam recipe, we created the
Chinese Bacon Jam – it’s a truly versatile and delicious version of the savoury relish with a Chinese
twist." Eat17 is a multi-award-winning innovative food retail brand that combines elements of a
convenience store with a dining scene.

With four stores in London and the Home Counties and two more planned for the capital this year –
in Hammersmith and Leytonstone, the chain is expanding rapidly and enjoying annual turnover of
around £10m.

Chinese Bacon Jam can be purchased at all Eat17 stores from £3.99 a jar.


Our Thoughts:


Perfect for burgers and sausages for your summer BBQ’s! Serve it up in a delicious brioche bun and you will not be disappointed! Can also be mixed in with a delicious Chinese Stir Fry to give it that ooomph!