Word Famous Dumplings Come To London

The wait is finally over…Din Tai Fung is opening its 141st restaurant and it is the first branch to open in the UK EVER. The popular Taiwanese dim sum spot has been going since 1972 and has won Michelin stars and worldwide fame since then. And now, the long awaited arrival of Din Tai Fung will launch in Covent Garden, fully furnished with sleek wooden panelling and an open kitchen.

But what you really want to hear about is those irresistible dumplings. The xiao long bao (the steamed pork soup dumplings) are the restaurants masterpiece, but among the other dishes you can also find other classic dim sum dishes such as the salted egg yolk custard buns, steamed chicken soup, and umami-laden fried rice dishes.

Where it all began

Born in 1927, Mr Bing-Yi Yang, founder of Din Tai Fung, moved to Taiwan at an early age in search of better work prospects. Mr Yang started out as a delivery man, and his hard work there was recognised. But due to unfortunate circumstances, the business shut down, leaving Mr Yang out of work. Little did he know, that this was the first step towards what would become an internationally renowned enterprise.

After loosing his first job, Mr Yang opened his own store Din Tai Fung in honour of his first boss. However, times were hard and sales were plummeting, so the shop started to sell xiao long bao. Soon, customers were flocking to the store for those delicious mouthfuls. Sensing how successful this little business could become, Mr Yang focused exclusively on the famed buns. What started off in the corner of a small shop, is now an international name.

Be prepared to queue

Din Tai Fung’s global take over has been overwhelmingly successful in so many countries. So when the doors finally open on the 6th December 2018, be prepared to queue along side the other Londoners desperate to try the acclaimed buns. But one thing we can be sure of is that it will be well worth the wait. The exceptional xiao long bao buns take 40 minutes to prepare before you can scoff them down in a matter of minutes. But the hard work that goes into every mouthful means that these buns are like no other. To create the restaurant’s best seller, the chefs stuff their dumplings with juicy mince pork. Then they wrap each one in melt-in-your-mouth dough. To finish the buns off, the chefs pleat and twist the buns with a minimum of 18 folds.

In the UK menu you can expect to see other classics such as truffle and pork, pork and crab as well as steamed dumplings, wontons and more. The famous Steamed Chicken Soup, simmered for over six hours, will also journey across the sea to grace our tables.

The space

For their first UK launch, Din Tai Fung are going big. The restaurant seats an impressive 250 people, spanning two floors. And finally, a Taiwanese bar will also tempt you with Taiwan-inspired cocktails or traditional Chinese tea.