Chino Latino to host Day of the Dead Tasting Menu

Located on London’s Southbank, award-winning Pan-Asian restaurant and Latin cocktail bar, Chino Latino will be hosting their very own Day of the Dead tasting menu. For one night only, on Friday 2nd November, Chino Latino will be hosting an impressive four course tasting menu. Chino Latino draws its inspiration from China, South East Asia and Japan and fuses them with flavours from Peru. Tasting menus are a great way to eat amazing food, and lots of it. From executive chef, Werner Seebach, comes a distinctive culinary menu with Latin American influences and hints of Mexican ingredients.

It is not just the food that will be themed. In celebration of the Day of the Dead, Chino Latino will also have large 4ft brightly coloured floral skulls hanging in the windows of the restaurant elevating the interiors to a whole new level.


Die de los Muertos The Menu

First course:

Jalapeno Maki Roll

Lobster Taquitos


Second Course:

Red snapper

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Third Course:

Churaso Grande

Corn Artichoke

Fourth Course:

Passion fruit flavoured relic


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