Survivor- No more Hangover!

Survivor is a new dietary supplement containing a unique blend of nutrients combined to specifically target and support metabolic functions impacted when drinking. Uniquely, Survivor is designed to be taken at the same time as consuming alcohol, and is delivered in a convenient easy to use capsule format designed to fit busy lifestyles.

It has been reported that the average person in the UK loses a shocking 24 days of optimum productivity due to the effects of alcohol consumption. This negative effect on productivity can be difficult to accept in a world where social and professional lives often collide.

 Survivor was born out of the desire of founder Laurence Cardwell to find a solution to his own lost productivity. Following personal research and an extensive process of trial and error, Laurence came to the realisation that he could not solve this problem alone – a problem as yet unresolved in Western culture, despite 10,000 years of continuous alcohol consumption.   

The challenge of finding and identifying ingredients which could prove beneficial brought Laurence into contact with Professor Dr. Gertrude Kubiena, an ex-Red Cross Vice President, whose extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine led to the inclusion of Survivor’s three traditional herbal ingredients; dihydromyricetin (DHM) extracted from Vine Tea (Ampelopsis grossedentata), followed by Puerariae Flower (Puerariae lobatae Flos) extract, and a potent Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) extract.

Survivor is the only product on the market to provide this combination of three ingredients used traditionally to promote liver health.

The technical formulation was further developed to include a blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes under the expert guidance of Simon Williams, food scientist and director of one of Europe’s leading nutraceutical providers. This combination of Eastern tradition with Western science led to the formulation we see in Survivor today.

Invest in Survivor

Survivor is now looking to gather support on the next stage of their development. They will be launching a rewards based Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on April 2nd 2019.

The money raised via Indiegogo will finance a large scale research study and growth into new markets.

Laurence Cardwell says; “We’re looking to raise funds via Indiegogo to develop a far stronger body of scientific evidence behind our product. Survivor may have the capacity to go beyond just being a capsule to chase down your G&T and help offset some of the harm associated with alcohol consumption.  

That is why we want to go much further than what is usually expected of a food supplement and to demonstrate what Survivor is really capable of – something beyond a short-term solution to morning after misery.”

Getting involved is easy – visit Survivor’s crowdfunding site:–6/coming_soon/x/20031964 pledge your support starting at £25, to get discounted product and merchandise, as well as access to some very cool rewards in return for larger contributions.