Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

By Kelsea Lindsey: EA at Amex

Today, the last Wednesday of April, is Administrative Professionals day (in countries including the UK and USA, but some countries differ). Before becoming an Executive Assistant, I had never heard of the day. I have often wondered why this was, and what the day really means to administrative professionals.

We have come a long way since “National Secretaries Day” which was created in 1952, not only in name, but in the grand scheme of the role itself. No longer are we just the “tea and coffee makers,” or the “typists,” or “insert admin stereotype here”. We are strategic, managing up, anticipators and manipulators of outcomes, all round superheroes. The use of “Administrative Professionals” helps to encompass what it is we all do, and the fact we are professionals.

I am a strong believer that we shouldn’t limit things to one day. This goes for other celebrations, for example Valentine’s day – we should show love all the time, not just on one day! However, this doesn’t mean I don’t see the value in Administrative Professionals day. We manage hectic schedules, make last minute adjustments and it is usually all during exec panic, or general busy business. This can result in administrative professionals not getting the recognition or praise that they always deserve, as it gets lost in the midst of everything else going on. Not only this, but there is sometimes an “expectation” that a task is to be completed, without thought of the legwork that goes into it.

So, take this day to remind yourself that you are AWESOME, you are keeping someone else afloat whilst also managing your own life! That is no easy feat, and not everyone could do it. Celebrate YOU but also remember to celebrate your administrative professional peers, because in some situations, it really does take a village. In the words of G.B. Stern, “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”

Have a great day!