Miss Jones & The Pass Partnership

We are so excited to announce our partnership with The Pass Restaurant Marketing.

The Pass

The Pass is an all-service digital marketing agency for restaurants and dining partnership organisations founded by Gabriella Mayall in 2019.

There is often a gulf for restaurateurs and chefs where the standard account management offered by a digital platform ends and a PR agency would pick up.

The Pass provides a vital bridge between venues and chefs and those digital
platforms – to really maximize relationships and squeeze in more diners
through their door and at their tables.

They offer a quantifiable approach and they also extend support to a number of distribution partners providing expertise and establishing, running and maintaining dedicated campaigns to assist restaurateurs and chefs with their outreach, high brand awareness, profile building and sustained sales.

This type of approach inspires loyalty and long-term relationships with high
profile London based venues and chefs including The Lanesborough, Gabriel Waterhouse and Zoe Adjonyoh.

In addition to bespoke digital check-ups and strategic marketing support, The Pass offers a full suite of digital services, from in-house brand and web
design, social media management to food and interiors photography.

About Gabriella Mayall

After nearly a decade at Bookatable, one of the most successful restaurant
marketing organisations in Europe, Gabriella launched and co-directed SALT Restaurant Marketing. A successful 4 years there saw her build on her
extensive knowledge and gain valuable experience with numerous high-end clients. Now with an enviable track record working with restaurants and partners to maximize return on marketing investment, Gabriella understand how hard it is to be heard in a crowded marketplace, which is what inspired her to create The Pass Restaurant Marketing.

“As a hospitality marketing and relationship manager, I have learnt how hard it is for a venue or a chef to be heard in such a crowded industry. I founded The Pass to empower our clients with the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years and to give them the confidence to focus on their business, while we plan, execute and deliver a digital strategy that will get more diners through their door.”