Organising the office summer party: Do’s and Don’ts

Organising the office summer party can be seriously stressful. What starts off as a fun project can quickly turn into a political minefield – everyone has an opinion about what makes a good party but these views can vary massively. Jaeger bombs and DJ sets make a great night for some but for others it’s a worst nightmare. So how do you find the right balance and make sure everyone has just the right amount of fun?

Here are our top do’s and don’ts. We’ve taken our photo booths to countless corporate summer parties so we’ve seen what works and what really doesn’t!


DO choose some delicious summer cocktails. They help everyone to relax and get in the summery mood. But DON’T forget the non-drinkers, remember to make sure there are some delicious non alcoholic options. Rhubarb mojitos are a great twist on a classic and taste just as good without alcohol.


Whatever you do, DON’T under-cater. Whether you go for a food truck, canapes or bowl food – make sure there is plenty of it. Everyone is always starving after a long day in the office and it also helps make sure everyone isn’t on the floor by 8pm! If you are having


DON’T forget entertainment – this is the key one. Getting everyone to mix and chat to colleagues outside their team can be tricky, particularly at the beginning of the night. Give people something to talk about and get involved in.  A photo booth or GIF booth can be a great option as everyone likes a photo, no matter what age. Our photo booths are open so everyone can get involved and you can get some great team photos. It also means everyone gets to take home photos to remind themselves of the fun they had at the summer party.


If your budget will stretch to it, DO get a band – again this takes the stress away from you having to come up with a playlist which everyone will like. Get the band to do some modern versions of the classics and you’ll have music that everyone wants to dance away to.

Another interesting option is a magician! Our favourite is Darren Delaney, and last time we met him I couldn’t stop laughing at how amazing he was.
If you are considering a photo booth or GIF booth for your summer party, get in touch with PROP Photo Booths now. We would be really happy to chat through with you about your event and give you ideas about how we could brand a booth for your event. Get in touch at or follow us on Instagram