REVIEW: YanJi Korean BBQ

YanJi is situated in Shoreditch, an alive and colourful part of East London.
The restaurant is easy to travel to, a short and quick walk from Shoreditch Highstreet Station.

The interior of the building is cool and fits perfectly into it’s surrounding. The urban and industrial details (as shown below) provide an interesting surrounding to have our BBQ.

For me, one of the most innovative parts of this restaurant was the coal fire/grill that are situated in the middle of every table. This provided endless conversation and fascination throughout the meal. I also loved the use of industrial extractor fans to keep in theme with the decor.

Enthralled by all the new flavours on the menu, I asked the waitress to recommend a traditional drink. Her favourite, was the “Grape Flavoured Fruit Soju” (also coming in Peach and mixed) We were given tiny shot glasses to drink from, I queried the custom on how to drink and you can sip or shot the drink. It was so smooth to drink.

As it was my first ever Korean BBQ I sought a lot of advice from the lovely waiters.
They suggested that we try a wide range of skewers to start, so once we had decided on a few different screws they brought out plates filled with three different add ons. The first was a Korean BBQ sauce, the second and third were a crumb in varying spice. The mild and BBQ sauce were absolutely delicious, flavours I have never tasted before.

The “Mixed Lamb and Beef Skewer’s” were first, they were both so tender and flavoursome (and perfectly cooked.) The “King Prawn” skewers were marinated in a delicious sauce that was not too spicy. (The waiters were very helpful and accommodating when we explained that we preferred flavour over spice.)
Following on we had squid legs which were cooked by the chefs beforehand, these were delightful and a completely different style to how I have ever had squid before.
I thoroughly enjoyed the spicy sausage, it was very well seasoned.

My friends favourite, was the “Pork-Belly Enoki Mushroom.” These were so interesting, I have never had this type of mushrooms before and they provided so much flavour.

As sides we ordered “Prawn Dumpling.” This plate was my favourite, as a big fan of dumplings I am always excited to try different types. These were AMAZING, the texture was completely different from what I am use to, the filling and the exterior and they were packed with so much flavour.

The “Jelly Noodles with Vegetable Salad” were so interesting, the texture and consistency were completely new to me and I really enjoyed them. They were also in a creamy nutty sauce and served cold.

We also tried some “Fish Tofu” which when dipped in the BBQ sauce was full of flavour. The “Augergine” (unfortunately not photographed) was cooked by the chefs, it was packed with garlic and chilli and was delightful to eat. We also had the “Enoki Mushroom” which came in the cutest saucepan that goes onto the BBQ to heat up. Yet again I was intrigued by the mushrooms, they were a stringy consistency in a spicy sauce something I had never had and very much enjoyed.

The staff were so lovely and accommodating all evening, checking up on us and always willing to explain and recommend.

We finished the evening by grilling some marshmallows, these sweet treats were the perfect way to end a fun and extremely pleasurable evening.

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