Smith & Sinclair – Bespoke experiences and events

Don’t panic if you are still organising the Christmas party, Smith & Sinclair are here to help. We deliver bespoke multi sensorial experiences. Guaranteeing a party to remember!

Break the ice with our edible bubble machine. Pick a cocktail and watch us transform it into floating bubbles which can be eaten by guests.

You can also create an inhalable cocktail mist for arriving guests with our Vapour Orb. You pick the cocktail or scent, we can brand the Orb with your logo or colour wrap.

Order the Garnish Bar and allow your guests to decorate their own cocktail with lollipops, edible fragrances, fizz, spherification balls, flavour infusing oils & edible flavoured glitter dust.

Or let us host your own bespoke cocktail bar. 

To find out more visit or contact and quote “Miss Jones” for an exclusive discount on all services.

Prices start at circa £500.00 + VAT but we can create discounted package prices if you wish to combine three or more experiences.