Review: Yuu Kitchen Mayfair

Yuu Kitchen Mayfair is pan-Asian menu, taking the classics we all know and love and adding a modern twist with their fillings and presentation. Head chef Jon de Villa, who previously worked at the famous Nobu, was inspired by his heritage and travels across south-east Asia and has created a menu of dishes that you won’t forget. The bright colours of the restaurant is matched by the bright interiors and flavours of the food. With lots to choose from on the menus, both drinks and food, choosing what to eat is near to impossible in fear of missing out on one of the restaurant showstoppers!


Tucked away in Heddon Street, this hidden gem is immediately enticing with the street level entrance representative of an edgy underground Japanese street, lit only by neon lighting. The main dining area has a stand out back lit wall with a 25 foot Asian dragon across it, which is a continuing theme across the whole restaurant and bar area. With the interiors inspired by the artist Lunatic, the theme and colours represent the innovative dishes that await. If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine this is definitely a venue that stands out in terms of it’s interiors, with palm tree and greenery in the centre of the restaurant area adding an element of serenity against the brightly coloured backdrop.


Drinks from the extensive cocktail menu – a ‘Once upon a time in Mexico’ and the Halloween special.
Spicy Tuna Tostada – yellowfin tuna, crispy tortilla, pickled radish, spring onion, spicy mayo.
Baby octopus Karaage with cucumber and wakami salad, ginger and garlic sauce.
7up braised pork belly bao with bbq sauce, pickled cucumber and larb.
Soy & buttermilk crispy chicken bao
Lechon Kawali – 12 hour braised pork belly, mama sita’s sauce
Grilled broccoli with apple & onion dressing, black pepper and fried shallots
Okra Fries with a hot-smoked paprika, tangy adobo mayo


This is top of the list of places to visit again. With Philippino influences this menu really stands out as original alongside other pan-Asian restaurants. The top rated dishes for us being the lechon kawali, spicy tuna tostada and baby octopus karaage. Somehow every dish has a variety of textures and flavours that just leave you wanting more, and without being too heavy. The pillowy steamed bao buns are paired with some kind of crunch, whether it be the crunchy buttermilk fried chicken, or the crackling larb accompanying the tender pork belly. Even the grilled broccoli was lifted by the dressing that accompanied it, leaving you with a vegetable dish that we would definitely recommend.

Even better, in contrast to the fiery decor and asian food, attached is ICEbar London. You can’t visit Yuu Kitchen without a visit to the Icebar, which, as expected, is cold and icey! Luckily cloaks are provided before you enter the sub zero temperatures to enjoy a drink out of an ice glass, and photo opportunities with the lighting and ice sculptures.


Yuu Kitchen Mayfair do bottomless brunch on Saturday and Sunday, from £37pp, with either bubbles or beer for an hour and a half and a 10 course sharing menu.

For somewhere different to book this Christmas, make a booking on their website HERE.

Address: 31-33 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4BN
Telephone: 020 7478 8910