Restaurants and Venues still with Christmas availability

We reached out to all of the restaurants and venues on our venue finding list and have found out their availability for anyone who still needs ideas or inspiration for their Christmas party or meal.

All Star Lanes

Holborn dates still available:
25/11 – AM
28/11 – AM
1/12 – AM & PM
2/12 – AM
4/12 – AM
14/12 – AM
15/12 – AM & PM
21/12 – AM
22/12 – AM & PM
23-31/12 – AM & PM

Stratford dates still available:
25/11 – AM & PM
26/11 – AM & PM
28/11 – AM & PM
29/11 – AM & PM
30/11 – AM
1/12 – AM & PM
2/12 – AM & PM
3/12 – AM
4/12 – AM
5/12 – AM
7/12 – AM & PM
8/12 – AM & PM
10/12 – AM & PM
11/12 – AM
14/12 – AM
15/12 – AM & PM
16-18/12 – AM & PM
19/12 – AM
20/12 – PM
21-31/12 – AM & PM

Brick Lane dates still available:
25-27/11 – AM
1-3/12 – AM
5/12 – AM
7/12 – AM
9-10/12 – AM
14/12 – AM
15/12 – AM & PM
16/12 – AM
21/12 – AM
21/12 – PM
22-28/12 – AM & PM
29/12 – AM
30-31/12 – AM & PM

White City dates still available:
25/11 – AM
26/11 – AM & PM
28-29/11 – AM
1/12 – AM
2/12 – AM & PM
3/12 – AM
5/12 – AM
9/12 – AM & PM
10/12 – AM
13/12 – AM & PM
16-17/12 – AM
20/12 – AM
22-31/12 – AM

To book All Star Lanes enquire here

Ask for Janice

The basement bar at Ask For Janice is private with space for up to 60 guests standing or 28 seated for a 2/3 course feasting meal and has its own bar and dedicated team to look after you all night. You can bring along an iPod to plug & play your own music or you’re welcome to have a DJ for your night. There is no hire fee to use the basement for your party instead we work on a minimum spend basis, below are the dates still available throughout the period and the minimum spend for each;

Monday 25th November is £700
Tuesday 26th November is £700

Monday 2nd December is £800

Monday 9th December is £800

Monday 16th December is £800
Friday 20th December Is £1,200

That is inclusive of VAT and excluding a discretionary 9% service charge.

The kitchen in AFJ is available until 10pm for food and the bar is licensed until midnight, although throughout December we will have late licenses until 2am on specific dates so please check if you need a 2am license.

To book Ask for Janice enquire here

Bateaux London

Dec 3rd
GLASS ROOM: 170 seats

Dec 4th
GLASS ROOM: 170 seats

Dec 5th
GLASS ROOM: 64 seats
RIVER ROOM: 48 seats

Dec 6th
GLASS ROOM: 46 seats
RIVER ROOM: 92 seats

Dec 7th
GLASS ROOM: 18 seats
RIVER ROOM: 112 seats

Dec 11th
GLASS ROOM: 155 seats

Dec 12th
RIVER ROOM: 75 seats

To book Bateaux London enquire here.


They still have the following dates for private dining for 10-50 or standing up to 100, minimum spends included, and do not charge room hire.

Private dining availability

Lunch from 12pm – 5pm
Monday 2nd £1,000
Tuesday 3rd £1,000
Friday 6th £2,000
Monday 9th £1,000
Friday 13th £2,000
Thursday 19th £2,000

Dinner from 6.30pm
Friday 6th £5,000
Monday 9th £1,000
Friday 13th £5,000

Bernadi’s also have some availability for smaller tables in the restaurant through the month.

To book Bernadi’s enquire here.


Still show availability however more on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday now and the other dates are only available in very small tables.

To book Boisdale enquire here.

Bounce Ping Pong

Spaces available throughout the month but the peak dates (5th/6th/12th/13th) are all fully booked.

Lots of availability throughout the afternoons and evenings in particular (16th Private Room, 20th Private Room)

To book Bounce Ping Pong enquire here.


Availability on the following dates:

  • 26/11/19 Dinner 7pm
  • 27/11/19 Dinner 7pm
  • 28/11/19 Dinner 9.30pm & Lunch 2.30pm
  • 29/11/19 Dinner 9.30pm & Lunch midday
  • 30/11/19 Dinner 7pm or 9.30pm & Lunch midday or 2.30pm
  • 02/12/19 Dinner 7pm
  • 03/12/19 Dinner 7pm
  • 04/12/19 Dinner 9.30pm & Lunch at midday
  • 05/12/19 Lunch midday or 2.30pm
  • 06/12/19 Lunch midday
  • 08/12/19 Dinner 7pm
  • 09/12/19 Dinner 9.30pm
  • 10/12/19 Dinner 9.30pm
  • 11/12/19 Dinner 9.30pm or Lunch 2.30pm
  • 12/12/19 Lunch Midday
  • 13/12/19 Lunch midday or 2.30pm
  • 14/12/19 Dinner at 6.30pm or 9.30 for groups of 20+ only
  • 15/12/19 Dinner from 7pm
  • 16/12/19 Dinner 7pm
  • 17/12/19 Dinner 6.30pm or 9.30pm & Lunch from midday or 2.30pm

For dinner they offer the following timings: 6:30pm, 6:45pm and 7pm for the earlier sitting or later at 9:30pm if you would prefer to keep your table for the evening. Please note that reservations for the earlier times will be allotted 2 ¼ hours.

For Lunch they are open 12pm until 5pm and take reservations at midday and 2:30pm. Each reservation will be allocated 2 ¼ hours. Prior to dining you are welcome to make use of the bar and lounge area but please be aware the venue will close at 5pm and guests will have to leave the venue.

To book Circus enquire here.

City Social

Have availability mainly on Monday, Tuesday and Saturdays in the Chefs Table that can seat max 11 guests on one round table.

Also have 2 larger dining rooms that can seat up to 25 guests on one long table. Our largest room can seat 30 on rounds.

To book City Social enquire here.

The Northall at Corinthia Hotel London

Lunch- Subject to a £1000 minimum spend on food and beverage, exclusive of 12.5% service charge.

Monday 2nd December
Tuesday 3rd December
Friday 6th December
Monday 9th December
Monday 16th December
Tuesday 17th December

Dinner- Subject to a minimum of £1500 minimum spend on food and beverage, exclusive of 12.5% service charge

Friday 6th December
Tuesday 10th December
Friday 20th December

The maximum capacity would be up to 22 guests on two tables of 11 or 18 on one long table.

To book The Northall enquire here.

Dabbers Bingo

Private Hire: Regarding Private Hires (capacity 170) all evenings have gone (with the exception of Sunday evenings which are all available), yet we have currently got availability for a few afternoons for exclusive hire (from 12:00 – 16:00), these are:-Monday 25th Nov-Tuesday 26th Nov-Monday 2nd Dec-Monday 9th-Tuesday 10th is held on 1st option-Monday 23rd-Tuesday 24th.

Group Bookings: For smaller group bookings the only evenings we currently have availability for is Tuesday 3rd or Thursday 5th December.

To book Dabbers Bingo enquire here.

Ennismore Sessions House

Green boxes are booked but all other dates are currently available.

To book Ennismore Sessions House enquire here.

Galvin Restaurants

Galvin HOP
Galvin La Chapelle

Lunch – 25th, 26th 27th 28th 30th November.
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th 15th, 16th, 17th, 21st, 22nd 23rd December.
Dinner – 25th, 26th 28th, 29th, 30th November
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 14th, 15th 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd December.

Galvin La Chapelle
Lunch – 25th, 26th, 28th, 30th November
2nd, 3rd, 5th , 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd
Dinner – 25th, 29th , 30th November
1st, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 2rd.

To book Galvin restaurants enquire here.

Hawksmoor (various locations)

We do have availability in our private dining. This can accommodate up to 24 guests. We pay 10% commission on minimum spend. The minimum spend is £1,500 + service.

Dates below:
3rd December – lunch & 5pm seating
5th December – late dinner, 8.45pm
9th December – lunch & 5pm seating
10th December – 5pm & 8.45pm seating
11th December – 8.45pm
16th December – 5pm & 8.45pm
17th December – 5pm
18th December – 5pm
19th December – 5pm

To book Hawksmoor enquire here.

Hospitality Club

December evening bookings still available:

December daytime still available:

To book Hopsitality Club enquire here.

Hush Mayfair

Still have availability over the Christmas period, particularly for lunch in the first week on Dec, 2nd week is pretty full but still a lot of flexibility on the week commencing 16th Dec.

To book Hush Mayfair enquire here.

Kerridge’s Bar & Grill

The private dining room is currently available on the following dates during December:

  • Monday 2nd December for lunch
  • Saturday 7th for lunch
  • Sunday 8th for dinner
  • Monday 9th for lunch & dinner
  • Tuesday 10th for lunch
  • Saturday 14th for lunch & dinner
  • Sunday 15th for lunch & dinner
  • Saturday 21st for lunch
  • Sunday 22nd for lunch & dinner
  • Monday 23rd for dinner
  • Tuesday 24th for dinner

Our private room which is designed to showcase your private chef in a stylish and relaxed setting at a custom-made table, which can accommodate 16 guests.  Your guests can enjoy an exclusive experience whilst watching the chef prepare and cook dishes in front of them at a kitchen space within the wood-panelled dining room.

To book Kerridge’s Bar & Grill enquire here.

Kitty Hawk

(Kitchen side, can hold 100 dining or 150 standing reception)
Monday 2nd Dec £5000 min spend
Monday 9th Dec £5000 min spend
Monday 16th Dec £5000 min spend
Thursday 19th Dec £8000 min spend
Friday 20th Dec £7500 min spend

To book Kitty Hawk enquire here.

Mortimer House

Loft & Gallery – up to 70 seated & 120 standing
We still have good availability for lunch and evening

Private Dining – 8 and 10
Kitchen Table x10 – Good availability
PDR x8 – Good availability

Conservatory – 20/22 seated
Located just off from Mortimer House Kitchen restaurant
Good availability

To book Mortimer House enquire here.

Notes Coffee Roasters

Currently offering a complimentary bubbles reception for all group bookings over 15 guests in November and December.

To book Notes enquire here.

Smith & Wollensky

Still have availability for both on week commencing 2nd December and week commencing 16th December.

To book Smith & Wollensky enquire here.


Still have availability on Mondays in December across all venues.
Also looking to fill the 4th & 5th December at temper City.
Most of their lunch/daytime availability is open, so always good to check.

To book temper enquire here.

The Bloomsbury

Currently have a couple of rooms available on the 25th, 26th, 28th of November and on the 4th, 5th, 9th , 11th , 13th , 17th, 19th and 23rd of December.

To book The Bloomsbury enquire here.

The Marylebone Hotel

Weekend availability and a few spaces throughout the weeks in December.

Specific Dates in December:
1 room available on the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 18th 
2 rooms available on the 3rd , 9th, 10th, 17th, 19th, 20th

To book The Marylebone enquire here.

The Ned

Have their large to small event rooms available randomly on 2nd , 3rd , 4th, 6th, 12th , 16th and 17th

To book The Ned enquire here.

Theo Randall Intercontinental

Currently have availability throughout December except on 1st,4th 5th,6th,10th,11th,14th and 20th December.

To book Theo Randall enquire here.

Trafalgar St James

Still have availability, however peak days such as 5th 6th , 12th and 13th are limited at the moment.

To book Trafalgar St James enquire here.

W Hotel

Availability for evening seated dinners/ standing receptions in our private event space  – Studios.

Event Space: Studios (private event space, can sit 50 for private festive dinner or stand up to 100 for a standing reception)

Dates NOT available:
4th , 6th , 12th , 13th , 18th December.
All other dates available for evening access from 6/7pm.

To book W Hotel enquire here.

Whyte & Brown

(Upstairs, can hold 100 dining or 150 standing reception
Monday 2nd Dec £3500 min spend
Tuesday 3rd Dec £4500 min spend
Wednesday 4th Dec £6000 min spend
Monday 9th Dec £3500 min spend
Monday 16th Dec £4500 min spend
Tuesday 17th Dec £7000 min spend
Wednesday 18th Dec £6000 min spend

To book Whyte & Brown enquire here.

All other restaurants with availability are as follows:


To book Angler enquire here.


To book Aster enquire here.


To book Barts enquire here.


To book Benares enquire here.


To book Brigadiers enquire here.

Bunga Bunga

To book Bunga Bunga enquire here.


To book Caravan enquire here.

Courthouse Hotel

To book Courthouse Hotel enquire here.

Crazy Bear Covent Garden & Fitzrovia

To book Crazy Bear enquire here.

Drake & Morgan restaurants

To book Drake & Morgan restaurants enquire here.

Flora by Lima & Lima

To book Flora or Lima enquire here.


To book Franco’s enquire here.


To book Goat enquire here.


To book Grind enquire here.


To book Hakkasan enquire here.


To book Inamo enquire here.

Indian Accent

To book Indian Accent enquire here.


To book Kahani enquire here

Lucky Voice (Holborn, Islington, Soho and Brighton)

To book Lucky Voice enquire here.

Madison Roof Terrace

To book Madison Roof Terrace enquire here.

Market Halls West End/ Fulham

To book Market Halls enquire here.

Montagu Kitchen

To book Montagu Kitchen enquire here.

Mr Foggs

To book Mr Foggs enquire here.


To book Neptune enquire here.

Nobu Hotel

To book Nobu Hotel enquire here.

One Marylebone

To book One Marylebone enquire here.


To book OXO enquire here

Park Chinois

To book Park Chinois enquire here.

Percy & Founders

To book Percy & Founders enquire here.

Sake No Hana

To book Sake No Hanna enquire here

Savage Garden

To book Savage Garden enquire here.

Shangri-La Hotel

To book Shangri-La Hotel enquire here.

Smiths of Smithfield

To book Smiths of Smithfield enquire here.


To book Smokestak enquire here.

Somerset House

To book Somerset House enquire here.

Street Feast

To book Street Feast enquire here.

Sushisamba City & Covent Garden

To book Sushisamba enquire here.


To book Suvlaki enquire here.

The Berkeley

To book the Berkeley enquire here.

The Curtain

To book The Curtain enquire here.

The Lighterman

To book The Lighterman enquire here.

The Hoxton

To book The Hoxton enquire here.

The Royal Society

To book The Royal Society enquire here.


To book Wiltons enquire here.

Yauatcha City & Soho

To book Yauatcha enquire here.