Our Top Picks For Pancake Day

Where The Pancakes Are 









Where The Pancakes Are does exactly what it says on the tin… pancakes. However, it is their variety that sets them apart from your everyday breakfast/brunch spot. Their menu includes everything from breakfast pancakes, dinner pancakes, sweet traditional pancakes topped in maple syrup, to savory pancakes topped with brisket and welsh rarebit.

The aim of ‘Where The Pancakes Are’ is to create simple and honest food that brings back fond memories of your childhood, whilst fusing a traditional breakfast food with modern food trends.

Avobar London

With the avocado trend only growing stronger amongst foodies, Avobar London might be on to something with this one. They have replaced the traditional lemon and sugar for avocado infused pancakes, with green matcha and a healthy dollop of avocado butter on top. Dropdown there on Pancake day for a guaranteed Instagram pic.

Grind London

With 7 locations across London, Grind clearly knows what it is doing with breakfast, brunch and most importantly pancakes! Grind offers a classic style of pancake that will definitely hit that spot on pancake day! We recommend getting some fruity brunch cocktails to wash it all down with!


For something a little more sophisticated on Shrove Tuesday, we recommend Claridges. Claridges will be serving up some of the best pancakes in London on the 25th. However, if you are going here you might want to prebook as we think this is going to be a hotspot this coming pancake day, and rightly so. The pancakes on offer include a classic lemon and sugar, chocolate chips, or an indulgent clotted cream with fresh berries. If this doesn’t satisfy your pancake needs, we don’t know what will!


If you are looking for a gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or sugar-free pancake then look no further than A.O.K in Marylebone. These healthy pancakes are great for anyone looking to watch their waistline or for people suffering from allergies or intolerances. These yummy pancake stacks can be served with organic topics such as organic maple syrup, freshly shaven coconut, chantilly cream, and fresh berries.