How to nail staying in

Staying in
Whilst it’s still safe to do so, we’d urge you to go out and support your local businesses as much as you can. Pick up groceries from your corner store rather than fighting for a tin of beans at the supermarket; go out for dinner at that little independent joint at the top of your road (or order a takeaway from them at least), and offer to help the elderly and isolated with shopping if you can. Having said all that, it’s likely that you’ll be spending more time indoors – nothing ruins plans quite like a virus – so here are just a few ways to keep busy.

Host A Virtual Dinner Party

If you can’t have people over for dinner IRL, do it on FaceTime instead. Send a recipe round that everyone can make, get on a video call and eat dinner at the same time. And this way you’ve only got one lot of washing up to do. If you’re working from home, you can schedule video chat lunch breaks during the day too so you don’t end up talking to the walls whilst you eat.




YouTube Tutorials
If there’s a specific skill you’ve wanted to learn and you’ve suddenly got a chunk of free time, dive into the wonderful world of video tutorials. From contouring tips to playing guitar to making tutorials, YouTube has videos on how to do A LOT of stuff.

Home Maintenance

You know that list of jobs of things that need doing around the house? The things you’ve been putting off and putting off? Well now’s your chance to cross them off for good. Hang those picture frames, clear out your wardrobe, defrost your freezer…there’s never been a better time for a spring clean (emphasis on the clean).




Chat With People

Yes you can (and you should) ring up your friends and family to check in and see how everyone is getting on but you can also chat to total strangers with the help of QuarantineChat. The voice app, which has been designed to help those in isolation deal with loneliness, lets you chat to people around the world without the need for phone numbers.