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Anxiety audio

Listen to our Anxiety with COVID-19 audio;

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Please listen to the audio a minimum of 4 times and compound as and when needed.

At House of Wellbeing, we know that as cases of COVID-19 increase, many people are starting to feel overly anxious. The good news about the widespread anxiety is that it is fuelling big changes fast—many people in affected areas are being very careful to limit exposure. Anxiety fosters prevention and safeguarding behaviours and this prevention reduces anxiety.  However, when threats are uncertain, such as the current COVID-19 situation, (noting, of course, people with pre-existing anxiety conditions are particularly vulnerable), our anxious minds can easily overestimate the actual threat and underestimate our ability to cope with it.

However, the things that are in your control are your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviours, so, it’s about managing the anxiety in a productive way.  This can mean following public health advice like washing your hands regularly and not attending crowded events or staying in isolation. It can also include eating healthy, trying to stay active, and sleeping well, all things that will help your mental health.

Here at House of Wellbeing, we want to do our part to help so we’ve created a targeted guided meditation audio absolutely free of charge.

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