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8 St. Martin’s Place , Greater London, England WC2N 4JH, United Kingdom 0.58 km
The Terrace at The Ritz
17 Arlington Street , Greater London, England W1J 9BR, United Kingdom 1.62 km
Madera at The Treehouse Hotel
14-15 Langham Place , Greater London, England W1B 2QS, United Kingdom 1.9 km
Maru Mayfair
18 Shepherds Market, Mayfair , Greater London, England W1J 7QH, United Kingdom 1.98 km
Rooftop at Dorchester
45 Park Lane , Greater London, England W1K 1PN, United Kingdom 2.35 km
The Magazine at The Serpentine Galleries
Serpentine North Gallery, West Carriage Drive , Greater London, England W2 2AR, United Kingdom 3.7 km
King Street Townhouse
10 Booth St Manchester, Greater Manchester, England M24AW, United Kingdom 262.07 km

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