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Everyone can enjoy art, it is a great way to express your feelings or capture something you love. We welcome all experience levels to our online painting classes. Making artwork in your own home will build your confidence and let you enjoy being creative with a paintbrush. Don’t just think of art as lofty galleries or a children’s activity, it’s a wonderful form of meditation for adults to enjoy. Art online is an easy way to find play with colours and is a great chance to destress.

Find a virtual class that teaches you to paint your own artwork and join your supportive teacher online to bring it to life – you’ll feel so proud when you hang your creation in your home.

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You can dabble in acrylic paints, dip your toes into a watercolour art class online, or get your favourite bottle of wine and try a paint and sip at home. Your online art school is led by experts who teach with beginners in mind, as they help you find your inner Van Gogh. You only need a few simple tools and tips to make your own masterpiece. Your online class might even come with an art kit, so you don’t need to go out and find the right supplies, everything will be delivered directly to you.

From £70 per person

Your event will include: 90 minute art class on our interactive networking platform, x6 acrylic paints, x1 20x20cm canvas, x2 paint brushes, x1 easel, x1 paint pallet, x1 candy kittens, x2 mini drinks (choice of Prosecco, red wine, white wine or beer), full planning & event management.

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Complementary 30 minutes for Networking on our unique banqueting platform


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