Cornerstone by Chef Tom Brown

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Tom Brown is an alumnus of Nathan Outlaw and it shows in his skilful cooking of fish and shellfish. His concise menu is dictated by both the seasons and the latest catch, and his assured, understated dishes are packed with bold, clearly defined flavours, as well as plenty of originality.

Raw dishes compete with those that are cooked – and there’s often more to combinations than first meets the eye. Ensure you start with some snacks, such as the treacle cured ling ‘ham’, before moving on to dishes which burst with complementary flavours, like gurnard with roast onion dashi, red chilli and smoked anchovy.

The open kitchen sits in the centre of the pared-down, faux-industrial style room, allowing you to watch the chefs in action, and creating a lively, buzzy vibe.

Opening hours:

Tuesday 18-21

Wednesday 12-14 / 18-21

Thursday 12-14 / 18-21

Friday 12-14 / 18-21

Saturday 12-14 / 18-21


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