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Built in 1906, with captivating views of the Leven Valley on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors, Crathorne Hall is at once grand and stately, warm and welcoming.

Owned by the Dugdale family until 1977, the hall has played host to politicians, courted royalty and delighted socialites over the decades. Yet despite moving in stately circles, the house has stayed true to its roots as a place of entertainment and relaxation. Now it is yours to explore.

Enjoy an overnight stay at our luxury hotel in Yarm, North Yorkshire, near Middlesbrough, in one of our 37 bedrooms, plan your perfect day and take over the hotel for your wedding or inspire your delegates with our meeting facilities. If your perfect experience includes your canine companion then look no further as we’re proud to be a dog friendly hotel too.

Whatever the reason for your stay, the Crathorne team and I look forward to welcoming you and making your stay as enjoyable as it has been for generations of visitors.

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£0.00 to £500.00
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All day
All day
All day
All day
All day
All day
All day

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We offer Complimentary Alexa Speakers, Mini Golf Games, Soft Drink & Chocolate Bar Fridge especially as extras for your event.


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