Dishoom Covent Garden

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As it reaches its 10th anniversary, Dishoom has gone back to the beginning, with a big revamp to its original Covent Garden restaurant. The new look still pays homage to Irani café heritage but is also said to make reference to Bombay’s theatres and their transformation to ‘talkie’ cinemas in the 1940s.


The all-day menu is bursting to the seams with delicious flavours. With a wide menu and great ambience Dishoom is perfect for any time of day and any season, summer or winter. Enjoy a feast of smoky, melt-in-the-mouth grills, slow-cooked and aromatic biryanis, robust and spicy curries. Plates are passed around, shared, enjoyed. Your Dishoom experience wouldn’t be complete without a tipple in the permit room to bring the evening to a close.


With more than one location, a Dishoom is becoming the go-to place for Indian food in the city.

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£0.00 to £100.00

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