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Begin your day with breakfast, which might be a Bacon Naan Roll, a Kejriwal or a Big Bombay. Then lunch lightly on Roomali Rolls and Salad Plates, or linger with a feast. Refresh your afternoon with a drop of Chai and a small plate or two. Dine early or dine late. Or just join us for a tipple – perhaps an East India Gimlet, a Viceroy’s Old-fashioned, or our very good Dishoom IPA?

Outside Dishoom Shoreditch, on the Verandah, the serious business of lounging is in progress. People spill out from the shadows, and laze gratefully in the sunlight. Ice cubes clink inside crystal tumblers. Sunlight warms the brocade fabrics and carved wood of the heavy antique furniture. Shelves – filled with well-thumbed books – sit beside faded old photographs. The armchair creaks as someone settles further into its inviting bulk, sighing with contentment.


Monday – Wednesday
8am to 11pm
Thursday – Friday
8am to 12am
9am to 12am
9am to 11pm
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    7 Boundary St, London , Greater London, England E2 7JE, United Kingdom

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