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GOTO Events are the nations company of choice for modern day team building experiences throughout the UK & Europe. Our services include over 100 unique events for indoor, outdoor and evening activities.

VIRTUAL TEAM BUILDING – Since March 2020, our business has pivoted to providing one of the UK’s largest selection of virtual experiences. Having now delivered over 500 virtual events for companies including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Lloyds Bank, Sony, Unilever & Salesforce, we’re the expert resource for professional interactive, fun virtual team events.

THE TEAM BUILDING EVOLUTION – Team building has changed massively over the years. For many, the connotations associated with team building can be mixed. Some love it, some fear it, but…companies still need and want to do it, and this is where we come in. We move things forward. Companies don’t want stereo typed old fashioned ‘team building’. They want modern, dynamic experiences that everyone will naturally enjoy, engage with and want to take part in. We weave these values into the core ingredients of team work, creating events that hit the mark for the participants and deliver on your objectives.

VENUES – We support 1000’s of venues across the UK by arming them with a multitude of team building events for indoor, outdoor and evening experiences. This includes co-branded brochures and instant quotes. We enable venues to actively promote, attract and win new business via the huge market of clients planning a combination of business and fun / interactive events.

AGENTS – As above we support many UK, European and international event & venue finding agencies with co-branded or white label information, rapid proposal turnarounds of under 45 minutes, dedicated event support, and a healthy commission scheme.

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