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Happy Hour Box

Our Happy Hour box contains 3 drinks & 4 luxury snacks sent to guests homes for the price of £40 per box.

Add a professional Host and Magician

How it works

You will have a dedicated professional host to compare the event and allow for networking time in-between running two games of fun filled musical bingo with real prizes to be won. Have a business message to get across no problem we can add that into your events agenda.

We can also include a mini Kahoots quiz or between 10 – 15 questions and can tailor this to your business or product, or simply we can arrange a general knowledge quiz suitable for all ages.

The complete package from £75 per person

Your event will include: personalised interactive platform for 90 minutes, compere to host musical bingo, Kahoots quiz, scavenger hunt, a box with 3 drinks & 4 luxury snacks sent to guests homes, full planning & event management.

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