Heddon Yokocho

Detailed Information

Heddon Yokocho is a new, fun, retro Tokyo style ramen bar inspired by the vibrant alleyways of the city. Featuring retro signage, brightly coloured lights and lanterns, this cool new spot is situated in the pedestrianised food quarter of Heddon Street. Yokocho will transport you back in time to the yokocho alleyways of Japan, the social hub of major Japanese cities full of hustle and bustle. They are loud, buzzing, fun streets bursting with mouth-watering tastes and smells.


Heddon Yokocho celebrates the history of ramen and the different styles of ramen across Japan, all of them are generous, hearty bowls of deliciousness, you won’t know which one to choose! No ramen is complete with gyoza and buns, so there is plenty of tasty sides to complete your meal. To wash your ramen down there are a great selection of Japanese drinks to quench your thirst, with plenty of Japanese draft beer and chuci, Japanese alcoholic drinks made with schocu.


Head down to this exciting new spot, for a warming bowl of the tastiest ramen and a fantastic, buzzing, atmosphere.


Heddon Yokocho are currently doing delivery so you can continue to get your ramen fix!

Price Range
£0.00 to £100.00


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    8 Heddon St, Mayfair, London , Greater London, England W1B 4BU, United Kingdom

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