Last Home Standing

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Welcome to Last Home Standing, bringing you all the fun you’ve experienced over the years at The Phoenix… but from the comfort of your home.


LHS is London’s hottest, fast-paced, fun-fuelled, raucous and action packed quiz! Using Kahoot, each round kicks off with a fast paced series of True or False questions… (Nice n’ easy)


At the end of each roar-ing round the top 3 homes are spotlighted to take part in one of our STAGE CHALLENGES!! This is where sh*t goes down…


The stage challenges are a variety of silly and fun games which will surely have your fellow colleagues in fits of laughter.


Once we’ve finished all 5 rounds, the winner from each challenge will go head to head to fight it out in the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN!! This is where you’ll be battling against the other finalists in a wacky showdown for your chance to be crowned as ‘THE LAST HOME STANDING’ … plus, you’ll be awarded a mega prize too!



Comedian host

Live DJ

Producer / scorekeeper

Vision mixer and tech support

Access to your own private online room

Snazzy prizes for the winners of each round

Mega prize for the Last Home Standing


Price Range
£0.00 to £100.00

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