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Primrose Bakery, renowned for its delicious top-quality cakes and cupcakes, is launching its first ever At Home Kits for baking enthusiast to enjoy. Aspiring pâtissiers will be able to choose from a five-layer rainbow cake, vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla icing or a decorating box filled with ready-made cupcakes and icing ingredients.

The kits will include:

 Rainbow Cake (£40)

All the dry ingredients required for baking a five-layer eight-inch rainbow cake, a step-by-step recipe card, five colours, sprinkles and a pallet knife.

For an extra £5 add two, eight-inch cake tins. A must have for those who don’t currently own a set. 

Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing (£30)
All the dry ingredients to bake twelve cupcakes, a step-by-step recipe card, two colours, two sets of sprinkles and a pallet knife.
For an extra £8 add a twelve-hole muffin tray, perfect for baking cupcakes. 

Icing & Decorating Cupcake Box (£28)
Six ready-made vanilla cupcakes, dry ingredients to make icing, two colours, two sets of sprinkles and a pallet knife.

For those sick of banana bread, Primrose Bakery’s At Home kits are the perfect next step in refining those baking skills. In the true style of Primrose Bakery all the ingredients provided are of high quality to ensure at home bakers can replicate the products the bakery has become so well known for.

Primrose Bakery’s At Home Kits will be available to order through the Plateaway platform in the link here:

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£30.00 to £45.00

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