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Everyone can enjoy art, it is a great way to express your feelings or capture something you love. We here at Virtually Delivered welcome all experience levels to our online fun Sip & Sculpt Workshop events.  All the workshops are delivered with high energy and are designed for the participants to enjoy the creative process without feeling self-conscious or worried about the outcome. This Sip & Sculpt workshop is for beginners so will be achievable for everyone. All colours used will be bright and vibrant as this has been linked with research which suggests brighter colours schemes help create uplifting emotions.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved and feel uplifted, book one of our fun classes for your team or clients today.

How it works

We send every member of your team one of our fabulous home pottery kits, complete with a yummy cocktail to enjoy on the online event. We host an interactive live online masterclass with our Sip & Sculpt professional teacher who will teach everyone how to make decorative objects, such as bowls, candle holders, or ring holders and anything else you’d like to make. Your team can then use the rest of their clay to relax at home sculpting and painting their own air-dry creations! The Sip & Sculpt event is perfect for those who may have never experienced the joy of working with clay before. Join us for a hands-on journey into the world of home pottery!

From £75 per person

Your event will include: 90 minute Sip & Sculpt class on our interactive networking platform, Pottery Boxes delivered to guests homes that include air dry clay, sponges, sculpting tools, acrylic paints, paint brushes, x1 canned cocktail to enjoy the event with, full planning & event management.

Price Range
£70.00 to £100.00


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