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A virtual event designed to bring people together

At 1331 Events we firmly believe that people are at the heart of every event, and the best way to keep attendees engaged at a virtual event is to let them meet and talk to each other.

Table Talk enables you to easily host any kind of event where networking, collaborating, making new connections or simply socialising is a key focus.

Conferences, seminars, workshops, AGMs, dinners, parties, networking events, drinks receptions, roundtables and team-building – the list is endless.

Zoom and Teams fatigue has well and truly set in but a Table Talk event is refreshingly different and lets your attendees freely move around ‘tables’ to talk to each other. The engagement is kept deliberately small with groups of only 2-8 people chatting at a time to facilitate meaningful conversations.

Over the coming months, you will need to keep your internal teams meeting, talking, collaborating and even having some fun. You must ensure your sales teams have opportunities to connect with their clients. And it’s vital that your company business partners have the chance to engage with your senior management team. With Table Talk, we can help you host an event which does all this and more.

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