The Cheese Barge

Detailed Information

Get ready for the Cheese Barge to dock in Paddington!


The newest venture from the founder of Pick and Cheese and The Cheese Bar, Mathew Carver. This cheese lover’s dream is a double-decker cheese barge, once open it will be making waves in the restaurant scene serving seasonal dishes that pay homage to the best of British Cheese. Dishes such as Windrush Goats’ Curd with lamb scrumpets and pickled walnuts, and Cropwell Bishop Stilton ‘Devils on Horseback’ medjool dates stuffed with Stilton and wrapped in bacon.


Keep an eye out for opening, ready to hop on board after lockdown and enjoy a cheesy voyage celebrating the best of our British Cheese.


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    Sheldon Square, Paddington Central , Greater London, England W2 6EZ, United Kingdom

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