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This course is designed for Assistants who are looking to build a Virtual Assistant business but don’t know how to get started. You’re feeling overwhelmed with the information that is out there and feel you’re forever in research mode. You’re looking for a simple, easy to follow process to get yourself started with your Virtual Assistant business.

How would it feel to…

👉Gain more clarity on what to focus on first and ditch the overwhelm

👉Understand what you can offer to the market in your VA business

👉Identify how you can build the personal branding for your business

👉Decide on your pricing and stop spinning your wheels

👉Start building your VA business with confidence and self-belief

It’s all possible with The VA Mastery 101. I’ll show you how!

I created The VA Mastery 101 when I realized that so many Executive Assistants were struggling with how to get started in their Virtual Assistant business. These Assistants would try to look for answers in Facebook groups or through Google searches, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed. I’ve studied this problem for over three years and have found the solution! Here’s how using the principles I teach you in this online course has positively impacted my own life.

I remember when I was new in business and I didn’t have a clue how to get started and felt overwhelmed with all the different things I needed to learn to grow my business. Through years of investing in my own coaches and mentors and through my own coach training with The Coaching Academy I have created a successful business and now get to help Assistants like you to take those first steps into their Virtual Assistant business. I even trained as a VA before launching my coaching business.

The VA Mastery 101 is your solution!

Here’s how your life will look radically different after you complete this online course.

  • Gain clarity on your personal branding and stand out from the crowd as an expert in a busy online market
  • Take control of your career and feel excited about creating your Virtual Assistant business
  • Understand where you add the most value and feel confident to make the leap from employee to business owner

Clarity on how to get started in your Virtual Assistant business is just an hour away. Don’t wait another second to make this your reality!

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