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Here at Thriving Box Co, we wanted to make sure the small business were not affected by the current climate whilst wanting to help businesses, like yours look after remote team morale which is needed more than ever right now.

When gifting a thriving gift box you are; 

  • Shopping locally
  • Helping the economy 
  • Reducing your carbon footprint as all items in these boxes are sourced, packed and distributed within the UK. 

It is a win, win situation. We work with local businesses to create bespoke packages and experiences for your employees or clients – something unique to receive.


Containing: Seven delicious food items, eight festive drinks, six decorative lifestyle items and three skincare items all lovingly wrapped in red tissue. (You can choose whether they contain alcohol or not) business branding available


Branded boxes

These are Keep Local Thriving Boxes original. You can have a mix of lifestyle, food, drink and healthcare products of their choosing (we can give you a more detailed list of our stock) and the box has been corporate branded and gift message which is  included free of charge. 

If you want to add your own collateral to these boxes you just need to send it to our packing warehouse and we’ll add it to the gift boxes.

Prices start from £39.99


Price Range
£0.00 to £100.00


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