Video Roulette

Detailed Information

Video Roulette is a bonkerz comedy night meets game show, in which you will dive to the deepest depths of YouTube and unearth some of the internet’s most bizarre, abstract and down right hilarious video mashups. On the night each team can expect not just a series of LOL clips but also the chance to compete with each other over interactive and bespoke video games such as “Ian Beale or No Beale’ to win some cool snazzy prizes, the show is brought to you by one hilarious character comedian providing even extra side splitting gags as your video whizz kid Albi streams all the jollification.


Enter this rabbit hole on Zoom and decide upon yourselves what happens next as you step into this totally insane virtual world where behind every number awaits a surprise. Compete for points in your team to win the ultimate Video Roulette PRIZE!!


How it works:

Your party is split into teams as they pick a random number from a hat – between 1 and 33. We play the correlating video over Zoom for all the see. It could be a comedy sketch? music video? bizarre advert? short film? It could be a game where you take part to win a prize Or it could be a surprise. A nice surprise obviously.





Vision & SFX Master

Access to own private online room


Price Range
£0.00 to £100.00

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