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Laughter reduces stress, releases endorphins, and promotes a sense of well being, laughter really is the best medicine! So, choose your favourite chair, sit back, relax, pour a drink, all you have to do is Laugh Out Loud.

These bespoke comedy shows for team building / entertainment have all tech provided, private meeting link is sent in advance, intro and outro with music and host, plus four performances from professional and hand picked stand up comedians live from their homes to yours! All you need is Wifi and a computer, laptop, tablet or phone to sign in.  80 Minutes Approximate show length in total with flexibility to personalise your show with music requests, photo montages, personal shout outs, speech from a CEO, etc. All attendees have video and sound on to hear laughter and applause and to make it as close to a real comedy club experience as possible. Over 18’s Only. We can accommodate Family Friendly style comedy, or Daytime Shows, if this is desired. We can host for any team size from 8 people to several hundred. Your colleagues can be anywhere across the UK, or Europe, or even The World, we have heaps of experience delivering international shows.

Our tailored comedy shows became popular online in April 2020 when working from home became the norm, since then we have hosted dozens of specially curated comedy events for teams, with rave reviews and people having a unique and important chance to have a proper belly laugh with colleagues and friends.

We’ll always work with you to carefully identify the best performers for your audience and event, and to make it a really memorable, one night only, private, personalised show. We can provide testimonials and client lists upon request.

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