this works Sleep Tight Set

If you suffered a sleepless Christmas last year, then help is at hand.

This mini first aid kit for sleep is the natural way to restore normal slumber patterns. Containing a powerful aromatherapy blend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert essential oils, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is proven to promote relaxation and aid a better night’s sleep. Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, with its intelligent micro encapsulation technology, is a potent remedy for restless sleepers, as proven by the 94% of users who reported having less disturbed sleep after using it.
Finally to release built-up tension throughout the day Deep Sleep Stress Less contains relaxing Patchouli, an essential oil lauded for its stress-busting properties. Keep it in your handbag and whip it out when needed.

this works Sleep Tight Set contains:.b>
- Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 5ml
- Sleep Plus Pillow Spray 5ml
- Deep Sleep Stress Less 5ml

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