What to do this week? 22/02

Has lockdown got you stumped for ideas on what to do each week? Every Monday we will bring you a guide of ideas to keep you entertained.


DIY COOKIE KITS – Blondies Kitchen

Ready to bake raw cookie dough and make the tastiest cookies to go alongside your coffee or tea. We have you covered ”Blondies Kitchen” have just released an incredible to die for DIY kit and we are in heaven. Never going to kick my sweet tooth with this around. 

Visit: Blondies Kitchen


READ A BOOK – Good Vibes Good Life

Take a couple of hours out, as this is a book you wont put down when you start. ”Good Vibes Good Life” by Vex King. From practicing self care to manifesting your goals and dreams. This book will help you find your higher purpose in life and you will instantly click with the author as there is always a topic you can relate too. This book I will always go back to for a refresh.

Visit: Amazon



Not sure about you but I am beyond missing sitting down in my favourite restaurants with friends. One restaurant in particular ”Burger & Lobster” The lobster rolls & burgers are incredible, flavours are out of this world! They are now supplying DIY kits which you can order directly from their website and make at home. We have just added the lobster roll to our basket.

Visit: Burger & Lobster



I for sure am missing wine nights with the girls, so to discover that ”Vagabond” is now delivering home wine tasting kits for you to do at home or virtually with friends has made my week. I can taste the Cotes de Provence already.

Visit: Vagabond


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