What to do this week? 15/02

Has lockdown got you stumped for ideas on what to do each week? Every Monday we will bring you a guide of ideas to keep you entertained.


WATCH A NEW NETFLIX SERIES – Crime Scene: ”The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel”

Looking for a gripping new series in lockdown. Look no further then ‘’Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel’’ The notorious Cecil Hotel of the vanishing of Elisa Lam is a mystery. We binged watched this is 4 hours and it was worth the watch.

Visit: Netflix.com


READ A BOOK – Light is the New Black

Need a quiet weekend with a good book and coffee. You need to purchase this book ‘’Light is the New Black’’ by Rebecca Campbell. If you love law of attraction and want to be more in alignment in life then this is the book for you. A book you will not put down once you start.

Visit: Amazon



Fresh pasta sent through your letterbox, dreamy! Each week is a new menu is provided with 10 varied choices. Ingredients will be sent chilled to your door and all you need to do is follow the instructions for restaurant quality pasta in minutes. We have tried and tested and we are a fan, felt like we were back in Capri Italy.

Visit: Pasta Evangelists



Want to get fit and healthy with a virtual trainer. Peloton has introduced full body workouts on and off the bike all streamed virtually. They are currently offering a 30 day free trial on their live classes, access from your phone, tablet, laptop or tv. These include running, pilates, cardio, strength and more. We’re signing up this week!

Visit: Peloton


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